Korean Upcycle Art&Design Frontier

Titel Ausstellung Korean Upcycle Art&Design Frontier
Ort Leipzig
Zeit 2019
Auftraggeber Gwangmyeong
Upcycle Art Center
City of Gwangmyeong
Team Suzi Gang (Direktorin)
Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa (Koordinatorin)

The exhibition is hosted by the city of Gwangmyeong and Gwanmeong Upcycle Art Center from South Korea.

17 Korean Upcycle Artists and 12 Winners of International Art & Design competition partecipate in this exhibition with 80 artworks. They show the various and unique Korean Upcycle Art and Design like reused electronic parts based on Hanbok, traditional korean costume. In addition, they prepare 4 upcycle seminars. Through this seminars, you can see how to create Korean upcycle art design artwork.


2ndB/Ji Eun JUNG
Tae Joong KIM
Woo Jin KIM
Byung Chul CHO
Jung Hyun HAN
Fori SIM
Guk Wha JANG
Sang Hyun JU
Jae Ho LEE
Dong Wook LIM
Sara JOO
Young Woon YOO
Do Young YOU
Seo Hyun KIM (Gold Prize)
Angelo Lussiana (Gold Prize)
Seong Hwan HYUN (Silver Prize)
Dong Su KANG (Silver Prize)
Jung A HYUN (Bronze Prize)
Hye Jung KO, Jong In LEE, Young Bin BYUN, Young Jin KIM (Bronze Prize)
Carlotta Di Cerbo (Bronze Prize)
Jin Woo JUNG (Winner Prize)
Hyun Ji YOO (Winner Prize)
Sa Duck PARK (Winner Prize)
Seung Ju LEE, Su In YONG (Winner Prize)
Eun Min LEE (Winner Prize)