Medica Clinic

Title Medica Clinik
Location Leipzig
Year 2009
Client Medica Klinik Leipzig
with Dirk Stenzel
(Franke + Stenzel Architekten)
Stephanie Zilles (Graphic)

The Sport- und Gesundheitszentrum (Sport and Health Centre) of the Medica Klinik is located in the basement of an eye-catching villa at the end of the street Jahnallee, near the Angerbrücke tram station. In order to prevent the Centre from having a basement-like atmosphere, it was very important that the interior design create a high-quality space that reflects and emphasises the theme of health and physical activity. This design is used throughout the various treatment rooms, the therapy pool with sauna and relaxation room and the exercise area with altitude chamber, MTT area and group room.



Peter Eichler