A gathering space_W

Urbane Obsolescences

What about a beauty

The Olive Table

The future of cities_Symposium

The future of cities_Exhibition

A gathering Space_M


Korean Upcycle Design

Original Old 2018

The Garden House

Original Old 2017

Think different!

Original Old 2016


Original Old 2015

The Leipzig Model

Reading Cafe

House N.

Global Solution Factory

Next Generation


Over 60


Clara’s Lamp

Bergakademie Freiberg

Wagner´s Restaurant


House M-W

Medica Clinic

AK Düsseldorf Exhibition Stand

Oil + Vinegar


Sudapan Competition

Music Trail

Haus Leben Leipzig

We Old Ones

Lungomare Canepa Genova

The Fast Display Window

Dunckerviertel Leipzig

Mara’s Bed

Kern + Plasma

House W.

L21 Projects

House K.

House B.

The Trolley

Guide System Dresden

Villa D-M

Street Furniture Berlin