Original Old 2016

Title Original Old
Fair and Exhibition
Location Leipzig
Year 2016
Client Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
Curator Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Team Zou Wei, Stephan Wein
Katharina Zimmerhackl(graphic)

International designers, artists and students presented high-quality, handmade products from recycled materials.
The exhibits included works of art and objects from the fields of furniture, fashion, jewellery, toy and machine design.

Upcycling means environmental protection and sustainability. It not only provides a strategy for moving away from the throwaway and convenience society, but also promotes an appreciation for materials, craftsmanship and individuality. Upcycled products are no longer merely a (market) niche and can now be found in almost all creative industries. Nevertheless, these products all too often go unappreciated.

The aim of the project was to show that, in today’s world, we can produce practically everything we need from recycled materials without sacrificing quality or value; these were not do-it-yourself objects, but instead high-quality, unique and exceptionally sophisticated pieces.

For the Special Exhibition “Learning from Africa”, we invited African designers who embrace a very inspiring approach through their use of different materials and skilled craftsmanship. By combining traditional techniques with creative design and unusual materials, they produce things that are not only beautiful and functional, but also thought-provoking. The exhibition presented Africa in a different light. The wasteful countries of Europe can learn a lot from Africa in terms of environmental awareness, the intelligent use of resources and creative work.




Margherita Marchioni Rome IT

Charlotte Ehrt Halle DE

Daria Wartalska Wrocław PL

Luise Wonneberger Leipzig DE

Alisea Vicenza IT

Anna Bormann Berlin DE

OS2 Designgroup Herford DE

Raphael Biller Leipzig DE

Hidden Rooms Leipzig DE

Transtruktura Berlin DE

Gerhard Bär Berlin DE

Massimiliano Adami Milan IT

Riccardo Casagrande Conegliano IT

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano IT

Faculty of Design and Art

Teaching Staff

Prey, Camerer, Cohen, Bonetti, Kaz,

Marabello, Maragno, Martorano,

Masturzo, Mattozzi, Simonelli



Roberto Bartolacci, Simone Bonetto,

Matteo Camarca, Stefano Ciri, Lorenzo

Colombo, Michael Costantino, Beatrice

dalla Muta, Michele Di Modugno,

Francesco Feltrin, Federico Fregni,

Juliane Hettich, Julia Heuel, Hornaecker,

Bianca Lampariello, Andrea Lascala, Eva

Loprieno, Hannah Kerber, Tim Kubitz,

Maximilian Maertens, Tobias Marsoler,

Alejandra Marti, Melis, Parpinello,

Poltronieri, Maximilian Rohregger, Alessia

Santoro, David Schmid, Desiree Senoner,

Ylenia Steiner, Tommaso Torri, Sabrina

Trevisan, Camilla Valli, Christian

Pfitscher, Theresa Fischer


Special Guest Africa

Selly Wane Senegal

Issa Diop Senegal

Chérie Yasna Koumba Marsanti Senegal

Ruth Abade Kenya

AfriEcoDesign Senegal, Kenya, Ghana


Promotors and Sponsor

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Istituto italiano di cultura Berlino

CiCi Centro interdisciplinare di cultura italiana.



Institut Francais, Senegalese Embassy.



(SMOW), Giovanardi GmbH.



Dotgain.info (Daniel Poller)

Leo Caporali









Leipziger Volkszeitung 21 October 2016

Radio Bullets, design from upcycling by Gaia Manco 21 December 2016