Music Trail

Title Competition for the Leipzig
Music Trail/Route Guidance System
Location Leipzig
Year 2007
with Dirk Stenzel
(Franke + Stenzel Architekten)

Excerpt from project description

The Leipzig Music Trail links important objects in the city’s musical history. These objects vary greatly in their presentation and characteristics. The proposed system uses three combinable elements to address the specific situations of the route and its stations. The plaques, information boards and musical instruments provide marking, information and opportunities to play music. The golden plaque bears the logo of the Music Trail and marks the paths between the stations, as well as the stations themselves. The loose arrangement of the plaques on the ground creates a trail through the city from station to station. This trail is complemented by outdoor musical instruments that are chosen based on the spatial possibilities and provide a playful means of exploring the special locations and their histories. The instruments, which are located in front gardens, on squares or in courtyards, give visitors the opportunity to experience music hands-on. The sculptural lecterns are used as information boards at the stations and appear in one of three different designs, depending on the required amount of information to be shared.”