The future of cities_Symposium

Title The future of cities _Symposium
Location Halle 14, Leipzig
Year 2022
Curator Team
Neven Allanic
Michael Artzt
Maeva Baudoin
Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Isaak Broder
Diana Felger
Karoline Müller-Stahl
Kim Wortelkamp
Martin zur Nedden
Opening Lecture
Ines Weizman
architectural theorician, Branschweig
Section A
Urban Challenges
Lectures and discussions with
Andrej Holm
social scientist, Berlin
Elke Krasny
urban research. & cult. theorist, Wien
Stephan Sigrist
cofounder of the Think Tanks, Wien
Moderatet by
Arnold Bartetzky
art historian & arch. critic, Leipzig
Lilly Bozzo-Costa