Title Vortragsabend/Ökologi_cando
Place Leipzig
Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Paola Mirenda (moderation)
alephs-studio.com (graphics)


How does our lifestyle affect the environment?

How can we reduce our environmental impact through more responsible consumption?

The climate crisis and the, in some cases irreversible, degradation of ecosystems can no longer be ignored.

The exploitative use of human and natural resources and the wasteful approach to the production and consumption of food and goods must be urgently addressed. This meeting was aimed at learning about possible alternatives, from small everyday things to the design of urban spaces.


Anna Dilengite from Ökolöwe and Dirk Stenzel from ASUNA-Ateliers für strategische und nachhaltige Architektur  shared their experiences and subsequently engaged in a dialogue with the audience.