L21 Projects

L21, which stands for Leipzig in the 21st century, was a network of architects who dealt with the transformative processes of shrinking cities between 2000 and 2005.

From the book L21 Protokolle 2000-2002:

…L21 seeks to identify the chances and potentials of a city without growth and to draw attention to these using universally comprehensible images and concepts. New questions and new solutions are being formulated, and the group’s own positions on the city in the 21st century are being developed and put up for discussion…. The compelling and thought-provoking events, projects and campaigns can be understood as a series of experiments with surprising and open results. The group uses defamiliarisation, rapture and provocation to expand horizons and explore new perspectives.”

Leipzig today.

Today, it is interesting to observe how the situation, particularly here in Leipzig, has changed. Leipzig has stopped shrinking and is now even growing. Many of L21’s proposals were criticised at the time. Scenarios with shopping centres in the city centre had triggered great anxiety. Today, many of these scenarios have become reality: for example, an Obi (home improvement supplies retailer) has even been established beside the main station! Everything is in a state of flux and change.

L21  2000-2005

Leiv-Patrick Berthel, Jens-Uwe Boldt, Lilly M.Bozzo-Costa, Tobias Franke, Ute Frank-Ehret, Bert Hafermalz, Antje Heuer, Tom Hobusch, Martin Morkramer, Sabine Eling Papenhagen, Heiko Kuppardt, Stefan Rettich, Kai-Uwe Schott and Dirk Stenzel.


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