A gathering space_W

Title A gathering Space_W
Location Wiesbaden
Year 2022-23
Client Kinder Hospiz Bärenherz
Team Alexandra Feder
Photos (Installation)
Lilly Bozzo-Costa, Alexandra Feder
Photos Peter Eichler

Bärenherz Wiesbaden

After the completion of the “Gathering Space” at the Bärenherz Children’s Hospice in Markkleeberg, everyone was delighted with the results of our work, and we were invited to design another room with the same qualities.

At the Bärenherz headquarters in Wiesbaden, which recently finalised its building expansion project, there is now a new “Gathering Space”.

It was created as a place where people can meet, talk and spend time together in groups of various sizes. Open to everyone, it was designed to offer a tranquil and cosy atmosphere.

The use of a special fabric as partitions, as dividing and linking elements, makes it possible to restructure the space into new perspectives again and again. The design creates areas that can be experienced and used individually. Small and large groups have the option of protecting and enclosing their space or opening it up to the surroundings. Thanks to the various curtain options, the room can be used in many different ways with a variety of seating arrangements. The curtains can be pulled back to create an openness, a large space that can be used with all available seating options arranged in rows. If the curtains are completely closed, a safe, intimate space is created in the middle of the room. As a result, the room can be adapted to any type of use. Everything can be used for multiple purposes and hidden away, e.g. the stools and tables.The colours are antique pink, eucalyptus green … and gold.

Gold makes the light warm, holds onto it and reflects it..It is a rare and special material that we protect and care for, like the people who come to Bärenherz.