Original Old 2015

Title "Original Old" Fair
Location Leipzig
Year 2015
Client Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
Curator Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Team Zou Wei, Stephan Wein
Fotos Susanne Wurlitzer (Graphik)

The Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig hosted the fair and exhibition “Echt Alt-Original Old” in the context of the 2015 Grassimesse and Designers’ Open. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts. For this purpose, upcycled products and works of art from the fields of fashion, jewellery and textile design were sought out. More than 40 artists and designers from Europe took part.
The topic of upcycling is nothing new, and it is common knowledge that our natural resources are not inexhaustible. Nevertheless, a third of the products we buy are quickly disposed of.
Artists and designers have long since recognised the value of used and discarded materials. Unfortunately, their upcycled works remain niche products. The aim of the project was not to present do-it-yourself objects, but instead to showcase high-quality, unique and exceptionally sophisticated pieces.



Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design Halle

Department of Textile Design

Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann


Luise Wonneberger, Anna Schröder, Svenja Berthold

Department of Ceramics/Glass Design

Prof. Hubert Kittel


Linda Prüfer, Karl Raupbach


Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg

Department of Fashion Design

Prof. Dorette Bárdos


Miram Löffler, Annekathrin Jäger, Bianca Freundel, Babette Serling, Jessica Petras, Judith Skodlerak, Antonia Vieth, Carolin Woitke, Stefanie Elze

Department of Wood Design/Product Design

Prof. Jacob Strobel, Prof. Dorothea Vent

  Lars Dahliz



Raphael Biller + Michael Hensel Leipzig, Aluc Berlin, Iris Tsante Athens, 2undgrad Karlsruhe, Laura Jungmann Karlsruhe, herrwolke Berlin, kmamode Vienna, Kontiki Vienna, Gompf und Kehrer Karlsruhe, die fabrik Leipzig, Samuel Soetebeer + Stephan Oßwald Leipzig

Special Guest: Italy

SCART-WASTE RECYCLING, Santa Croce sull´Arno Italy

Coord. Cristina Sagliocco:Riccardo Casagrande, Maurizio Giani, Silvia Chimenti, Angela Nocentini, Chiara Crescioli, Margherita Marchioni, Antonio Scorrano, Luca Coccioli, Lorenzo Petteneo, Antonella Tommasi, Erika Trojer, Vittoria Lapolla

Lead Sponsors and Partners

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, Grassi Museum for Applied Arts, SCART-Waste Recycling

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Peter Eichler


“Art Aurea 2015”

Androkornos-Design circolare.doc

Leipziger Amtsblatt 17 October 2015


www.ardmediathek.de/TV/Donnerwetter/MDR -Fernsehen