Street Furniture Berlin

Title Street Furniture Unter den Linden
Competition finalist
Location Berlin
Year 1998
with Kai-Uwe Schott, Susanne Müller


Excerpt from the competition documents

Berlin-Unter den Linden. Cafés, trees, footpaths, buildings and squares form an orderly structure, upon which an autonomous system of variable elements is placed. It resembles a game board on which the dice are haphazardly scattered.
The unitisation requires complexity and recognisability. Individual objects, with their lightness, create new relationships between the environment and the people. The design is based on modular segments that allow for individual development of the functional and visually variable elements. The individual object is the combination of various elements that form a cube on a module area. Kiosks, street lights and bike stands are combinable and create a new symbol for the promenade.