Next Generation

Title The Next Generation
Location Leipzig
Year 2013
Client Leipziger Messe GmbH
Curator Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa

Excerpt from book

“Due to an ageing society and the rising prevalence of frailty and chronic disease, the issue of nursing care is becoming increasingly urgent. People who now lead lifestyles characterised by new media, e-mobility and designer glasses will eventually be affected by age-related limitations in physical function, mobility and independent living. Can their living environments be designed so as to ensure that they will be able to live independently for as long as possible in their later years of life or after they require care? And how can we design the necessary interior furnishings, such as nursing care beds and rollators, so that the user experiences them not as discriminatory hospital environments but as attractive and socially acceptable interiors?”


Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design Halle

Department of Product Design

Prof. Fritjhof Meinel, Dipl. Des. Stephan Schulz, Dipl. Des. Enrico Wilde


Benjamin Hein, Juliane Huhn, Marta Quilis Juan, Nadine Williams, Teresa Würdiger, Ulli Grüning, Wei Hsu, Willi Möller

HTW Dresden – University of Applied Sciences

Department of Industrial Design

Prof. Elke Mathiebe


Frank Hahnewald, Ralf Pohl


Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg

Department of Wood Design/Product Design

Prof. Gerd Kaden, Prof. Dorothea Vent


Carolin Schulze, Lars Dahlitz, Christoph Barthel

Hochschule Wismar University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Design

Prof. Achim Hack, Prof. Volker Zölch


Carolin Schulze, Rica Bünning, Thomas Emthaus, Wilfried Lohmann, Rianne Engberink, Anne Giese, Felix Lange, Tobias Morawiak


Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences

Department of Industrial Design

Prof. Ulrich Wohlgemuth


Christian Schliebs, Josephine Franke, Julian Wiesermann, Laura Carolina Holguin Poveda, Nicole Bielenski, Rainer Böhme, Sanja Scheuerlein


Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)

Institute for Building Theory and Design

Dr-Ing. Gesine Marquardt


Tina Diere, Sandra Michael, Michael Strobelt, Diana Deltschew, Filine Prüne, Maria Wallbaum, Barbara Weniger,Caroline Lange, Anh Thu Tran Thi, Julia Wissler, Eric Fischer, Maria Heller, Anne Jahn


Project partners

Böckelmann-consult Dessau, Lounge Design Group Halle


Lead sponsors

Weigang AG, Joh. Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG, SenVital GmbH



Peter Eichler and university students



“Design for the disabled”

Author Gaia Manco

Deutsche Welle-Culture, 26 November 2013