What about a beauty

Title The beauty for the common good
Place Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig
Year 2023
Concept Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Prof.Dr. Arnold Bartetzky
Thomas Dienberg
Prof. Dr. Karl Schawelka
Dr. Christoph Wiechmann
Luise Wonneberger
Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Britt Schlehahn
Luise Wonneberger with
Visitors to the
OST playgroung construction
Project Partner
Kreutzer Stadtmagazin
Alexander Schmidt, Punktum


Everyone understands beauty differently; different factors from culture, education or religion determine its meaning.

The panel discussion What about a beauty_The beautiful for the common good is all about the beautiful city. Spatial quality, architecture, infrastructure, quality of life: what makes a city a beautiful city? Leipzig, like other cities in Germany, is currently experiencing a building boom. A lot is being built everywhere and the last gaps between buildings will soon have disappeared. What often falls by the wayside is the aspiration to design with architectural quality and to individualise the buildings with different forms Does beauty still play a role in the design of a city? And if so, which one?

– How is our behaviour changing in relation to the architectural context in which we live?

– What motivates the actions of building contractors, architects and urban planners?

– Can beauty change our attitude towards the environment and help us to be happier people?

Short film

We children, flaneurs of the city, take the floor.A walk through Leipzig.

The film will accompany the panel discussion, inspire and help to see the city of today and tomorrow with the honesty and imagination of children.Children look at the city they live in differently than adults. Although children are the future of the city, they are rarely asked how they feel in the spaces in which they live, what they miss, what they miss.

The aim of the project is to bring children on board as observers, to experience the city in a new way at their level and to listen seriously.