Original Old 2018

Title Original Old
Messe Ausstellung
Place Leipzig
Year 2018
Customer Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
Kuratorin Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Team Zou Wei, Stephan Wein
alephs studio
Susanne Wurlitzer (Graphik)
Leslie Ocker (englische Übersetzung)

Echt Alt/Original Old

When it comes to recycling, Germany is still the world’s front runner, leading the OECD’s country ranking with a recycling rate of 65 per cent. Not far behind is South Korea at 59 per cent. However, in the field of upcycling – the process of transforming waste materials into products of better quality – Germans still have a lot to learn from the Asian tiger state. For example, in its capital city of Seoul, the world’s largest cultural complex for upcycling has been welcoming roughly 200,000 visitors a year since September 2017. The 16,500-square-metre complex is home to start-ups, design studios and exhibitions focused on the subject of upcycling.

The highly sophisticated and multifaceted Korean design culture has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. The reason for the ever-increasing popularity and success of Korean design is its unique combination of tradition and highly modern technology. Materials like e-waste or plastic toys are used for design products. In Korea upcycling design is eclectic, surprising and very inspiring.

Special Exhibition South Korea

A total of 11 designers and 17 students from Hongik University in Seoul took part in the Special Exhibition on South Korea. The South Korean exhibition was organised by the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig in cooperation with the Gwangmyeong Upcycle Art Center, the first of its kind in South Korea.

Joining the South Korean designers as exhibitors were 15 design studios from Germany, Italy, Columbia and Hungary. They presented their unique solutions for combining sustainability and design in the form of unique, high-quality products from the fields of product design, fashion, jewellery, textile design and art. All of the works were hand-made from reclaimed and repurposed materials. The spectrum ranged from works made from bottlecaps, furniture made from honeycomb cardboard and pendant lamps made from used clothing to silver jewellery made from disused computer circuit boards.



Supermüll (DE)
Gian Luca Soldi (IT)
Raphael Biller (DE)
Retextil (HUN)
Frank Gibbemeyer (DE)
Björn Bernt (DE)
Andrè Stache (DE)
Ari Fuchs (DE)
Selvita (COL)
Clemens Schebiella (DE)
Sophia Kahl (DE)
Gabriele Wiese (DE)
Wia Nui (IT)
Circuit Accessoires (DE)
Patrizia Della Peruta (IT)

Special Guest Südkorea


Song Joon Lee
Hee Suk Park
Fori Sim
Hyung Jin Park
Harlie Kim
Yong Chul Kim
Kyung Ran Kim
Young Wan Yang

Hongik University, Seoul/Sejong

Faculty of Design and Art

Prof. Chul-Yong Choi
Prof. Jin Joo Ma


Yoon Hyung Bae
Jiayi Qui
Ye Ji Hyeon
Yi Heon Lee
Da Eun Ok
Chen Yu Tian
Xin Yin Cao
Sang Sun Park
Su Yeon Rho
Ni Mei Wu
Ji Hye Lee
Ga Ram Kim
Da In Kim
Dong Mei Zhang
Wen Yi Huang
Ji Min Ahn
Jung Won Kim


europafoto KLINGER Leipzig – Damián Canteros
Fori Sim
Studenten von der Hongik University
Lilly M. Bozzo-Costa
Angelina Perke, Kunstkraftwerk

Cooperations partner

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
Gwangmyeong City

Gwangmyeong Upcycle Art Center
Designer’s Open
Stadt Leipzig
Istituto italiano di cultura Berlino
Volkshoschule Leipzig
Rotaract Club Leipzig
Hongik University Seoul


europafoto KlingerLeipzig


Auf in deutschlands designhauptstadt!
Leipzig_Näher dran
Dritt Aufgabe, 2018_ Seite 9

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Winter Ausgabe 2018/19



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