Guide System Dresden

Title Guide System Dresden
Location Dresden
Year 2001
Graphic Nicole Kebschull


Excerpt from project description

Dresden is a city with many different faces. The architecture ranges from baroque to socialism, and anyone who walks through the city searching for the structures that survived its destruction will pass through chaotic construction sites with loud road traffic. Many locals still long for the past, but an ever-increasing number of them are finding the courage to turn their attention to the future, and thereby also to new forms of architecture.
The architecture of modern-day Dresden ranges from the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) to the new cinema building UfA-Kristallpalast designed by the architectural studio Coop-Himmelblau: from the preservation of the past to the visionary tomorrow. It is precisely because of these contrasting worlds that a new guide system is needed to show visitors that this city embraces the future. The signage of the guide system should be recognisable and varied within the urban landscape, and its design should distinguish it clearly from other info systems – advertisements, traffic info, etc. Three objects made of steel and glass serve as a guide system for visitors day and night, offering information about Dresden and its cultural attractions.